Once a company becomes a victim of an APT attack, it is necessary to study the nature of the incident, understand the attack chain and correspondingly tune current detection rules
The first action a company is willing to take after it is aware of a successful APT took place is to restore its business processes. The will is logical but not necessarily reasonable - together with a backup the company restores a possible dormant presence of the adversary.
Cyberclew will support you on studying the incident and what is even more important will help you to restore shortly without loosing a priceless adversary footprints, which will make a further investigation possible. After the company understands attack anatomy, it becomes possible to enhance further detection capabilities.



On average hackers spend 5 to 7 months within IT infrastructure before they are discovered or their goals are achieved. Make sure you are not under attack right now.
By studying logs and memory dumps Cyberclew aims to detect behavioral anomalies among users, services and network, trying to identify suspicious patterns and abnormal events sequence.
The report shows the past incidents, which could be missed during the daily security operations, making those patterns an invaluable set of SIEM correlation rules, which lay down as a base for the new SOC controls.
It is too late to concentrate only on the protection measures, focus on early detection instead and gain the advantage.



SOC operations are not changeless and require to be stressed with new challenges and knowledge of emerging attack technics.

Once in a while the SOC team needs to be poured in with a new discovery and defense tactics.
Leverage CyberClew experience of regular pentesting, forensics and threat hunting to share its cutting edge competences with your SOC team.
Cyberclew will become a part of your team for the grasp period helping to master SOC detection capabilities.
Don't wait until you become a victim, proactively learn from from the experience of others.

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